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Your Brand. Your Story.

There are plenty of marketing consultants that will tell you what to do. What makes Brand & Story different is that we've done it.  Your brand and your story needs seasoned professionals with a full spectrum of marketing & advertising experience, and a knack for uncovering missed opportunities, branding disconnects and marketing shortfalls to take your brand, your product, or your service to the next level of growth, whether you are a start-up, or a decades old multinational.


Your brand is
your territorial claim.

Stephen Morgan



Branding is not merely something you do, it is something you take responsibility for. We'd love to help you develop a great corporate or brand identity, beginning with the basics of what do you want to say, who do you want to say it to, and what do you want them to remember? Once the brand strategy is in place, we can then look at the best ways to present your brand so that it gets noticed.


A vision without a strategy
remains an illusion.

Lee Bolman



Without a smart marketing and media strategy, great ideas simply won't get the exposure they deserve. Brand & Story's specialists can develop a go-to-market strategy based on your needs and budget to ensure an effective return on investment. Whether you'll be utilizing adwords, banner ads, print or broadcast media, rest assured, if the medium doesn't suit your business, it won't be in our plan.


People forget what you say, but not how you make them feel.

Brad Choma



Content is King, as they say. Whether it's an ad in need of sales copy that sells, or a company's Facebook page, Twitter account or TikTok that needs to meaningfully engage an audience, our broader suite of writers, designers, photographers and editors can provide compelling, and effective content that not only gets noticed, but is remembered and acted upon. We turn casual glances into consumers.


If it doesn’t sell,
it isn’t creative.

David Olgivy



Great planning without great execution is a waste. Beautiful work without strategy is just art. For all the awards and accolades we’ve collected over the years, they only reward vanity. They don’t tell the story of a brand’s success. We believe in creativity that breaks through the clutter, increases brand awareness and delivers on strategy. We are happy to help you develop a creative brief and analyze results. If you lack the creative resources to execute it, we have you more than covered there too. 



Brand & Story has crafted beautifully designed campaigns, branding and strategic solutions for a broad variety of clients, and they will tell you excellent work takes experience. Our founders are award-winning strategists, creative directors and business leaders that have developed effective marketing strategies and tactics, led organizational positioning, re-branding and brand development efforts, and created marketing communications from both the agency and client-side for use both locally and on a global scale. They understand the power of a strong brand combined with the tactical advantages of retail, digital, promotional, experiential, shopper and social marketing messages. They thrive on generating fresh solutions to branding and marketing issues.


The Work

YouTube video, Instagram, Facebook, a tweet, a radio spot, an ad in the paper, a lavish Television commercial or a new business card... if it's exposure for your brand, it is advertising for your brand. Once we have helped you develop the right, go-to-market strategy, we can help execute with award-winning creative with a creative brief that says what you need to say in a way that that breaks through the clutter, get's noticed and drives sales. We'll write the brief, and if you don't have an agency or designer to execute it, we can look after that as well.

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If you recognize the need for some marketing direction or breakthrough strategy, about to launch a new product or service, need a brand refresh, or simply in need of an ad campaign that can deliver measurable results in any medium, give our team manager a call directly, or fill out the form below.  Let us show what we can do to improve your bottom line.

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