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Brad & Lola

Brand & Story’s creative partner and chief storyteller, Brad Choma can craft a compelling brand story in both words and pictures. Brad is a strategic and award-winning creative thinker, who understands the power of a strong brand combined with the tactical advantages of retail, digital, promotional, shopper and social marketing messages. Brad literally thrives on generating fresh solutions to creative dilemmas and working hands-on with inspired clients.

Brad manages Brand and Story’s team of creative and production professionals, granting our clients access to award-winning photographers, illustrators, videographers, studio artist and more.

Specialties: B2C & B2B Marketing Strategies and Tactics, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding, Social and Digital Media, Traditional Media and Creative support for all the above for a broad spectrum of industries including: entertainment, beverage, confection, consumer package goods, health & home, software & gaming, banking, media, retail, sports, government and pharmaceutical.

Steve & Leo

The brains behind the brands and the founder of Brand & Story, Stephen Morgan uses decades of experience as an award-winning Creative Director on the agency side, and a results-driven Marketing Director on the client side to piece together compelling break through go-to-market strategies that generate impressions, press and sales. Stephen is a strategic and entrepreneurial business thinker, who understands that the power of a strong brand combined with compelling messages resonates across all mediums including traditional. digital and social. A motorsport fanatic, Steve is driven to win on behalf of his team and clients.

Steve manages Brand & Story’s marketing, PR, sales training, and events coordinators, website builders, coders, SEO specialists, marketing directors and advisory board members.

Specialties: B2B & B2C Marketing Strategies and Tactics, Branding, Art Direction, Copywriting, Compelling Social and Digital Media, Impactful Traditional Media and tactical integration of all the above for a broad spectrum of industries including: automotive, fashion, finance, food, technology and electronics, healthcare, home renovation, media and service industries in Canada, the US, the UK and Germany.

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