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Don’t Overlook the Value of Great Packaging

From tapping into the consumer subconscious to value added functionality, packaging design can be a powerful marketing tool and an important brand extension.

It’s been noted that consumers take around 5-7 seconds to make a purchase decision in-store. On an average supermarket trip, you’ll be exposed to over 40,000 different products all vying for your attention. That’s a lot of visual noise and messaging. Or a lot of useless wallpaper to blend into the background.

To help products stand out on the shelf, brands use unique shapes, heavy materials, unique finishes, attention-grabbing colour and an array of convenience features to play to motivational triggers. There can be multiple teams of designers, buyers, technologists and quality managers all working for months to deliver one product launch in store. Packaging can be the difference between a sale or no sale. So what do you need to do to stand out? Well first you need to see things from the consumers’ perspective.

The figures quoted below are from and The Business Insider and are from studies based on in-store behaviour, but the learning can apply to the online experience as well, especially if your products are on a competitive site like Amazon.

  • Almost a third of product decision-making is based on packaging alone

  • More than 70% of purchasing decisions are made while facing a choice of products.

  • Price is considered but not the only deciding factor as consumers weigh choice against the products as presented for consideration

  • It’s not just important to capture the consumer’s attention but to provide functional and protective packaging that serves its purpose. Research has shown that 45% of consumers are taking to social media to share their negative views. If your packaging doesn’t deliver don’t be surprised by an online backlash that could serve lasting damage to your brand image

  • Not only does quality packaging impact consumer opinion but efficient packaging can deliver tangible cost savings. Product damage in transit remains below 5% in established consumer markets but in the developing world where more and more product is being produced, damage can be as high as 30%

  • According to some research packaging drives purchase more than other forms of marketing such as TV, Radio and online reviews

  • 66% of consumers said they have tried a new product because of the packaging

  • 52% of online shoppers say they would shop again from a business if it included premium packaging, as it helps validate the purchase

  • Businesses have reported up to a 30% increase in consumer interest when those businesses show a strong attention to a packaging

  • 90% of product packaging is reused – which means that your brand reach extends far beyond the initial purchase. Think green and consider a repurposed use when designing your product packaging

  • 74% of 18-25-year olds are inspired to share an image of product packaging through social media. This can influence peers and increase brand exposure in the millennial market

If you need some kick-arse packaging to elevate your brand, reach out as we work with many recognized package experts both on the design and production side, and we would love to oversee the entire process ensuring your packaging is on brand and an action hero when on the shelf.

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